We couldn’t do it without you

We’ve been re-sharing your wonderful, fascinating content and community ideas for the best part of two years. Here’s the story of how this came into being and how to get noticed.
We couldn’t do it without you

We’ve been promoting the best of our customer networks in the Zapnito monthly newsletter, and on social media, for the past 20 months.  In that time we’ve posted approximately 300 pieces of content across both platforms and received well over 500 click-throughs on Twitter  and thousands of impressions on LinkedIn. All of this shows that our Zapnito followers have not only enjoyed reading your expert articles, but have kept coming back for more. 

The newsletter was born when my then manager, Jen Thoroughgood suggested we show-off our customer communities, and this became the very first Zapnito monthly newsletter: January 2018’s edition. I then suggested we also shared this expert content on social media on a much more regular basis. At this point you may be wondering why we would want to post on noisy platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, being the social media alternative we are, but that’s another story.

If you’re interested, here’s the first example of our customer highlights posts (#TBT).

Once we proposed the idea to our customers, they were excited to expand the reach of their expert content and some regularly sent me highlight suggestions with their standout community posts of the week. For a while, we’d share these on social platforms, simply linking to the content and giving a small teaser to click through. Once we saw the success we were having though, I proposed that we reference our relevance too, by hashtagging ‘PoweredByZapnito’.

When we saw the success of these posts we started building a dedicated customer content roundup later in 2018 which looked at the very best of the year’s highlights. This was the first of it’s kind to focus on the brilliant use of various platform features as well as specific content. Each month of 2019 has seen a customer highlights featuring a range of networks including scientific communities and political forums, from life stories to financial advice and targeted marketing campaigns to mining news.

This campaign’s primary aim was to promote the best content but now we also seek to showcase our customers’ fantastic use of the Zapnito platform too, from channels and rooms to badges and directories.

The more astute Zapnito follower will notice we also share external articles from around the web on the most relevant topics to us, for example publishing, community, social media and startup news. We no longer curate these articles in a monthly roundup article for the Zapnito community but we do still share these via our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts so get following (if you’re not already). It is, however the customer highlights Tweets, shares and community posts that we value so highly. We are proud of the world-changing research, the rapidly growing memberships and the thought-provoking content our customers create and produce. We love showcasing these stories whenever we can.

If you’d like us to start sharing more of your content and community stories, let me know or put it in the comments below. I can’t wait to read more of your content and amplify it across our network.