New navigation options

We've updated the navigation bar at the top of the page which will change how you engage with and create content.
New navigation options

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The developers have been working hard and have brought you an extra piece of work in addition to our latest cycle! You might have already noticed that the nav bar in the top-right corner of the screen has been updated.

We've done this upgrade to make it even easier for you and your users to get involved with creating content and engaging with other users.

Contribute and Collaborate menu bar

We've removed the two icons; 'home' and 'notepad' and replaced them with 'contribute' and 'collaborate'. You'll still be able to navigate back to the home page either by clicking the logo in the top-left or through the main menu-bar. 

We've split out the buttons into actions where you create content and actions where you interact with other users in the community. A key feature here is the 'ask/answer a question' under the 'collaborate' button; this will make it easier for community members to make use of the Q&A feature to start discussions and find answers. We believe that this feature is a more modern view for a community platform and another step towards increasing engagement on all networks.

Please let me know if you have any questions