New settings page

We've introduced a new settings page to give you even more control of your authoring settings, here's how it works.
New settings page

The new authoring controls can be found on the main settings page under 'authoring', which will look like this;

Authoring controls

When you click on this link you'll see a selection of toggle buttons all relating to the authoring pages.

These settings aren't exactly new settings; in the past if you wanted to change any of the below you would either have had to search around the settings pages, or send a message to, whereas now you'll have the control all in one place.

Settings page


The Highlights button controls whether your users can make their own posts highlights in their publication settings;

Highlights publish settings

 Highlights content is automatically added to the rotating carousel on the homepage, so by allowing your users to make their content Highlights it passes the control of the hero carousel content onto them.


Unfortunately 'content sharing on publication' was an option we had on our old authoring pages that hasn't yet been moved over to the new pages. This is something we plan to do in the future but for now it means that this toggle button doesn't have any effect.

Bitly URL shortening means that when someone presses the 'share' button on a post they'll automatically be offered a Bitly shortened link.

Bitly URL shortening

You can add your bitly API key on the General settings page, and for more instructions on how to do this please see here.

The Twitter hashtag option will allow you to automatically add any hashtag into a tweet when someone shares a post on Twitter.

Related content

This toggle allows you to add or remove the option for authors to add related content to their posts. When this toggle is on this option will be visible on the authoring pages;

Related content toggle


Contributors was also an option on the old authoring pages that hasn't yet been moved over to the new ones. We have a cycle of work planned for later this year which will allow users to add contributors to a piece of work, and when that's complete this toggle will allow you to control it.

UTM codes

UTM codes allow you to have more insight into the analytics of the emails that are sent from the Zapnito platform. 

UTM Codes

You can now take control of your UTM codes on this settings page. For a fuller explanation of how these codes work and how you can use them, please see here.

As the administrator you can chose who on the site has the ability to see this settings page. I would recommend that you restrict it to admins only, however if you have a group of experts or editors that would benefit from having this added level of control then please drop me a line