Weekly development update 9th August

Here's an update on the development work we've been doing this week.
Weekly development update 9th August

This week we've continued to work on rooms and make upgrades across the site. The next release for this work will go out on Monday morning, so although the features below have been built, you won't see them live until next week.

Rooms layout

We've made a small update to the tabs inside a room; at the moment it reads 'Activity | Posts | Video | Documents | Conversations" but we found that this was a little jumbled so we've cleaned it up. Next week you'll see the tabs change in a room to read 'Activity | Content | Conversations"

The Activity tab will still show all the latest additions to the room, whether that's content or conversations, and then everything older will be split between the two other tabs.

Rooms homepage widget

Until this week if you added more than one Rooms widget to the homepage they would both be titled 'Rooms' and you were unable to edit these headings. Now you'll be able to demarcate different groups of rooms by giving them different headings on the homepage. For example 'open rooms' and 'private rooms'. You'll be able to change the rooms widget heading by writing in an open text field on the Explore Homepage page in your settings.

Latest conversations

We're adding a new homepage widget on the Explore Homepage menu that will allow you to display all the latest conversations across the community on your homepage. This will exclude all conversations in private rooms so don't worry about accidentally showing private content to the world! With this new widget it will be even easier to get everyone joining in with conversations and increasing engagement on the site. 

We can't wait to get these features live across all sites and see everyone making use of them. Please let me know if you have any questions about the above laura@zapnito.com


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over 2 years ago

Lots of cool new features Laura!