Weekly development update - 2nd August

A round-up of the development work completed this week
Weekly development update - 2nd August

This week we started the third development cycle of the year. The theme of this cycle is room conversations and smaller site-wide fixes, so this week we worked on bug fixes and making conversations more visible.

Room conversations

In the past conversations could get a little lost inside rooms and it could be tricky to know when to join in or reply unless you went and searched for the conversation. But no more! We've pulled conversations out from under their lonely tab and got them showing up under the 'activity' tab in a room.

So now latest conversations will appear in order with all the latest activity inside a room, so it'll look something like this;

Activity tab showing 'Room conversations'

But I hope your conversations are a little more exciting than mine...!

'Watch now'

The first bug fixed this week was on the 'watch now' notification in rooms and channels. This notification appeared to tell new users about the digest feature. We'd received a few comments that the alert was relentlessly recurring each time someone entered a room or channel. We've now fixed this bug and if you've seen the alert once, you won't see it again.

Mobile sign-in

We've made it even easier to sign-in and register on your mobile by adding these links to the menu bar. You'll now be able to sign-in and access all the best premium content while you're out and about on your phone.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the above and drop me a line laura@zapnito.com