July’s customer community highlights: Fight club, expert power, achieving your career goals and more

Want some community or content inspiration? We’ve picked out the highlights from our customer communities this month...
July’s customer community highlights: Fight club, expert power, achieving your career goals and more

Bringing events online
The gloves were off as the Oystercatchers team hosted a live ‘Fight Club' which saw influential marketing and advertising figures including CMOs, agency CEOs (and Oystercatchers founder Suki Thompson) weigh in on the big questions facing the industry. tThe highlights have been uploaded to the community, which enables those who didn’t attend to still be involved, keep the conversation going even after this event and drive interest for the next knockout event.

Power to the experts
The Nature Research Ecology and Evolution community does a fantastic job of showcasing the work of their expert authors. These individuals are also listed in the ‘Contributors’ directory and a badge is automatically assigned to their posts which links them all together here. A great recent example is a post on the role of remote-triggered cameras in the protection of African biodiversity. The article features stunning examples of this photography, including the endangered Cape mountain zebra (below).

Achieving your professional goals
The Psychologies’ Life Labs community has a wealth of educational and inspirational material on everything from family and love, to wellbeing and advice. Career development is another key area for the LifeLabs community, and forms the basis of several channels that feature expert guidance and advice from personal performance coaches.

Go behind the scenes
As with many of the Springer Nature communities, Research Data contributors share their stories from ‘behind their paper’, giving you a sneak peek at their journey from conception to publication. Find out how the authors made their often remarkable discoveries and arrive at their conclusions here.

Something to get your teeth into
If you know your next article or document post is going to have some meat to it, it might be worth highlighting that for your audience. Future Science Group’s RegMedNet used a ‘Longer read’ badge on uploads that get into the real detail of the content. This enables the reader to expect a deeper dive into the topic before they’ve even clicked into it, which can increase engagement. You can filter by these longer reads by clicking on the badge, as illustrated from this recent document upload.