How to set-up a video panel

A short guide to setting up, recording and publishing a video panel
How to set-up a video panel

To start a video panel click on the 'Collaborate' button at the top of the page and select 'Host a video panel'.

Host a video panel option

You'll be taken through to the Panels page where you can give your panel a name and decide if it should be recorded;

Panels page with the option to name or record your panel

At this point you can copy the URL and send it to anyone else you'd like to invite to join the discussion. People don't need to be registered members of the community to join the panel so you can send this through to anyone you'd like to join the call. You can also add this link to regular calendar invitations because the link will stay live, meaning that you can use the same link for your regular weekly meetings.

As you're the host you'll have to click 'Start Panel' before anyone else can join. Once you click this you'll see the 'Join Panel' page which will be the same for all invitee's when they click on the link. At this point invitees are informed that you're recording the panel;

Join video panel page

As the host you'll also see the 'Invite' option along the bottom of the screen. This will open a side menu where you can copy the panel URL again or quickly find members of the community to invite to join.

Invite participants to video panel option

If you choose people from this dropdown list then they will receive an invitation email.

You can invite multiple people to join the panel and have a round table discussion. We've tested with up to 12 people on the call but it's worth noting that the quality will be affected by a users' local internet connection.

After you're done with the panel click 'End panel' and then go to 'My Videos' and you'll see the recording processing at the top of the list.

The longer the recording the more processing there will be. While you're waiting for the processing to finish, click edit on the video and enter your title, introduction and any content below the video. You can also select a channel/room/badge and schedule publication.


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