Scheduling content

With the release of our new authoring pages you can now schedule content for publication at a specified time and date.
Scheduling content

In very exciting news we are in the process of releasing our new authoring pages which include the ability to schedule your content. You'll be able to use the new authoring pages when writing a post, uploading a video and creating a document/slideshow. For more detail on the other improved authoring features please read my update post here.

How to schedule your content

After you've written your content and clicked 'save' and you're ready for it to be released to the community you will see these options in the top-left side of your screen.

Four post options for community content

You can see that you have the option to publish your content right away, however if you chose Schedule you'll be presented with the options for picking a date and time;

Post scheduling option

Within this selector you can scroll back and forth to find the right date, and you're also given 6 time options for easy selection. Alternatively you can chose your own time with the drop down boxes. When you've chosen your date and time you will see a message on the bottom of the page clearly stating when your content will be published and in which time zone.

If you get to this page and then decide that you don't want to schedule your content you can select to publish now with the 'Immediately' option.

Changing your schedule

If you decide you'd like to change your schedule it's really easy to go back in and edit. On the post you'll see this;

 'Change schedule' button

When you click the 'change schedule' button you'll be taken back to the time and date page to select a new time.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, if you have any questions or concerns please just drop me a line