Character limits

There's now a character limit on the introduction field.

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In the most recent development cycle we've introduced a 300 character limit to the intro field when writing a post. 

If your intro is too long and you try to press publish or save you'll be shown a little red message inside the intro box that looks like this;

300 character limit to the intro field

If you're thinking about going to edit an old post but worry that the existing intro is too long, don't worry - this update will only impact new posts.

We hope this update will be helpful for you, and will encourage some more pithy and succinct introductions. If you have any questions please drop me a line

Laura Templer

Head of Customer Success, Zapnito

I have worked in the publishing industry for 8 years in academic journals and corporate publications, developing expertise across a variety of subjects from print logistics to content marketing. Please get in touch with any questions and I hope to be able to help you develop a successful Zapnito community.


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about 2 years ago

Since it doesn't tell you as you type what your character total is - just if you have too many - my top tip is type it in Word and then cut and paste it in.