Updates to the expert profile

We've added some brilliant extra features to your profile which should help boost engagement and make your profile look even better.
Updates to the expert profile

The theme of our latest development cycle has been the expert profile. This means we've been building some extra features into the profile page to better show where you've been interacting and with who.

Here's a run down of the latest profile changes;

Recent conversations and comments

Recent conversations and comments

When you take part in a conversation or add a comment to a piece of public content this will be recorded on your profile. This allows other users to see where you're interacting and hopefully join in or go and view that content too.

Intro content

Introductory content option for profiles

Under your settings and 'edit profile' there's now an option to select a piece of introductory content for your profile. This is a piece of content previously published on the site that will be featured at the top of your profile and can be a post, video or document.

Content filter

Content filter option for profile

On content tab on a profile you can now filter the content by type - video, document or post - which will mean that its easier to find the piece of content you're searching for.

Influencer order

Influencer order tab

The 'influencer of' tab on a profile is now ordered by who most recently followed you. This will help increase engagement across the site as we believe it will encourage more following between experts.

We hope that you find these new features helpful and if you have questions about any of the above please contact me laura@zapnito.com