Archiving channels and rooms

You can now close rooms and channels to new content while still being able to access the existing posts.
Archiving channels and rooms

We've just released a new feature on the site that allows you, as an administrator, to close rooms and channels to new content. Here's how it works;

When you go to edit a channel or room there are a series of toggle buttons at the top of the page;-

Archive for channels and rooms

The third button says 'open for new contributions' and while this is 'on' (red) the channel or room will be available for contributors to select when they write a post. When you switch this button off the channel or room will disappear from the right hand side menu on the authoring pages.

If you have a widget on your homepage for the channel or room, when you switch off the contributions this will have no effect on the visibility of the widget or the content being displayed. 

This could come in handy in a number of situations, for example; you've created a room for an event and contributors have added lots of useful content but once the event is over you want to stop anyone adding anything further, while still being able to read the current content. 

Or alternatively you've created a channel to collate content around a topic, eg Earth Day, but after Earth Day you don't want any more additions to the channel. The content can still be read/liked/commented on but there won't be anything new.

We hope that this feature will be useful for you, and if you have any questions please just drop me a line at