June’s customer community highlights: Scientific selfies, navigating Brexit, health tips and more

Want some community or content inspiration? We’ve picked out the highlights from our customer communities this month...
June’s customer community highlights: Scientific selfies, navigating Brexit, health tips and more

“Selfies could play an important role in how scientists are perceived”
Ben Libberton reports on fascinating research into how selfies can change how scientists are perceived, and “how efficiently they are able to convey their message, be it on anything from climate change to health”. Sharing selfies within their research write-ups has been seen to ensure scientists are ‘perceived as significantly warmer’ and more trustworthy. Check out the Nature Research Microbiology Community for the full story.

What does Brexit mean for you?
Keep abreast of the economic impact of Brexit, via The UK Edge. The site provides a wealth of insight from J.P. Morgan’s team of experts, including this webconference titled ‘Does a new prime minister change the Brexit outlook?’.

Tips for a healthy body and a healthy mind
Summer is here so there’s no better time to get active. Here to help is Vitality’s The Value Exchange, with insight and opinions on the latest health and wellbeing challenges. You’ll find out how to strengthen your body, and your most important muscle, the mind.

3DMedNet’s event room
In anticipation of this year’s 3DMedLIVE conference on 3D printing in surgery, users of 3DMedNet can prepare for the event via this dedicated room. A fantastic opportunity for all to engage with the event’s content and speakers, and a place in which attendees can submit questions to the speakers and advisory board members ahead of the event.

Inclusive growth
What can governments do to ensure that the benefits of our future economic systems are more equally shared and reach those that need them most? The OECD have a channel dedicated to this question on their Forum Network. Their most recent post looks at the future of education and the world of work for those coming out of it.