What we've been reading in May

A short roundup of the latest community, publishing and digital content insights we’ve spotted this month.
What we've been reading in May

Branded communities create ambassadors for you
As Amanda Gordon of CMX puts it, “Opt-in is in… building a brand that your community champions for you can have a multiplier effect on impact.”. Some interesting examples of brand loyalty and constructing flourishing networks.

The Guardian is on the up
An encouraging story for all publishers this month as record online traffic and financial contributions from readers enabled The Guardian and the Observer to break even for the first time in recent history.

WNIP’s Report: 50 ways to make media pay
Essential reading for publishers and industry professionals, this free guide is packed with insight from ecommerce to affiliate partnerships, programmatic to native ads, paywalls to micropayments and more.

Happy birthday GDPR
Regulators have numerous investigations ongoing, yet according to this article from Digiday, “there is a certain amount of complacency setting in.” Apparently, the ad industry can expect more fines.

Improving engagement = increased retention
“It costs much less to renew an existing customer than acquire a new one.” Here are six tips for increasing renewal rates, from the InPublishing editor, James Evelegh following a recent ESco Connect event.

Fakery is not disappearing from Facebook
Back in the news again, for all the wrong reasons, it turns out Facebook removed 2.2bn fake accounts last quarter (a number twice as many as those culled in the final three months of 2018), according to the Financial Times.