May’s customer community highlights: Connected content, influencer marketing, crossing networks and much more

Want some community or content inspiration? We’ve picked out the highlights on our customer communities this month...

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Connecting content
A wonderful example here from Nature’s Behavioural and social sciences community of how to pull various content topics together to demonstrate a collection of expertise, in this case: Contributor content. Future Science Group’s RegMedNet also make great use our ‘Badges’ functionality to bring Interviews together. The community regularly questions a relevant expert on the most current issues of regenerative medicine and this month is no exception.

Influencer marketing - the good, the bad and the ugly
If you’re involved in the world of marketing then you’ll know ‘influencer marketing’ is top of everyone’s agendas at the moment. This highlights video from the latest Oystercatchers Club event features  Suki Thompson (Oystercatchers CEO and co-founder) discussing the ins and outs of influencer marketing with some equally recognisable names. Not to be missed!

To what extent does excessive mobile phone use impact our mental health?
High mobile phone use has been found to cause stress, sleep disorders and symptoms of depression. Here’s how to combat this worrying issue from author, Dr. Julie Leoni on Psychology’s Life Labs.

Crossing networks
Continuing to build their multi-network community model, Springer Nature has linked its Grand Challenges community and its Sustainability community through content. There is now Grand Challenges content appearing on the Sustainability community's homepage, which will connect users with shared interests across both these sites ensuring greater exposure for both communities.

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