Cycle one development update

An update on what we released in cycle one of 2019 and a sneak peak of whats coming up in the next couple of weeks
Cycle one development update

This year the team at Zapnito have changed the way we organise our development cycles and have moved from weekly sprints to 6 week cycles. This change has been partly inspired by other leaders in the Saas industry and we’ve found since starting our cycle work that we’re able to tackle larger projects.

At the end of each 6 week cycle we have a 2 week consolidation period for bug fixes and a last minute polish of the latest features. This is where we find ourselves now and is therefore the perfect time for a round up of everything released in cycle 1.

Authoring pages

For a full run down of the new features please see this post which goes into more detail. Essentially we’ve updated the way you see previously published posts and drafts and changed the editor so that it now more closely reflects what your finished post will look like. We’ve also collapsed the widgets on the right side of the screen and updated the functionality of some widgets like the poster image selector and the ability to choose video thumbnails.

The Digest

This function will allow you to follow a particular room and/or channel by clicking the ‘watch’ button which will notify you by email of any new content. You can modify the frequency that you receive these emails through your settings. For a more detailed explanation please see this post.

Campaign Invitations

Invite people to join your community and specify which group they are added to when they sign-up. This is done with the campaigns custom URL and a more thorough explanation of campaigns can be found here.

User Directories

As a site admin you can now manage your own directories - these are the searchable filterable lists of people or organisations. For more detail on directories read about them here.

New group users API

This is an automatic trigger to add or remove people from groups. This could be used to add someone to your membership directory after they make a payment through your sales portal. The sale would trigger the API and they’d be automatically added as a member on your site and added to a specified group.

Bulk Redirects

If your site has been migrated from an old site we can now support bulk redirects, just contact to get the process started.

UTM tracking codes

We recently introduced UTM tracking codes to all email links allowing you to get better insight into traffic sources coming from email newsletters, the digest, and any other email sent from the platform.

We’ve also built a new training course which takes you through the process of setting up a Zapnito site. The course is broken down into modules and even though many of you won’t need to go through the set-up process again, some of the modules are very useful if you need a quick refresher on a single Zapnito feature.

Coming up next

In the next week we'll be updating the authoring pages to allow post scheduling which I know many people are very excited about, and so are we! When it's available we'll be letting everyone know and i'll write a quick post to go through all the details.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a line