A new way to publish content to your community

The way you publish content on your community will soon be getting an intuitive new design. Here’s what to expect...
A new way to publish content to your community

Over the last couple of months, the team has been working hard to make some significant improvements to our content publishing process, adding in a range of features and a new design based on customer feedback. These changes will make publishing posts, videos and all other content types even easier. It’s very intuitive so I’m sure you’ll find it easy to use, but here’s a quick rundown of what’s new.

Clearly see which posts are published

When you go to create a new post the first thing you’ll see is a list of all your current published content. This list is now paginated so you’ll only see 10 posts per page - no more endless scrolling. You’ll also see a little green dot on each piece of published content, and an orange dot for posts in draft.

Published content list


Clearer, more intuitive design for publishing written posts

When you click on the ‘new post’ button, it’ll take you to the new authoring page. At the top of the page there’s now an action bar with a ‘back’ arrow on the left which will take you back to the published posts page.

On the right is an indicator showing your post is in draft and the buttons for save and publish. Saving will create a draft of your post which will then be visible on the previous page. The new design will also autosave your post as you go.

Authoring page showing posts in draft box

You’ll find writing content is still the same as before; title, introduction and main text, though the display will look and feel more like how the post will look when it’s published.

The widget view on the right of the page, which allows you to select badges, rooms, channels, etc is now collapsed. Just click on each widget to access the options you’re currently familiar with.

Most of the widgets will look and function the same as before, however we’ve upgraded the user experience on a couple. For example, when content is selected in ‘related content’ and ‘poster image’ you’ll now see a rendering of what the content will look like on the page.

Upgraded widget function


Improvements to selecting and uploading poster images

When you go to select a poster image you’ll now be able to choose from all the previous images you’ve uploaded. They’ll be available in a selector window. You can, of course, still upload new ones using the upgraded drag and drop uploader (available when you click on ‘Upload Now’).

Poster image selection box

Improved video and document publishing - including video thumbnail selector

We’ve also upgraded the video and documents pages so they have the same look and functions as the post page and the same collapsed widgets on the left.

In addition, we’ve added a new widget for videos that allows you to choose the video thumbnail that will be displayed, rather than being left with someone’s face mid-expression!

It’s now also more difficult for you to accidentally delete a post. This new pop up box will appear when you try to delete something and ask for written confirmation of your decision.

Pop up 'delete' box

If you have any comments or questions about the new features please just drop me a line to laura@zapnito.com