March’s customer community highlights: International Women’s Day, AI and trust in the workplace

Want some community or content inspiration? We’ve picked out the highlights on our customer communities this month...
March’s customer community highlights: International Women’s Day, AI and trust in the workplace

Building trust in the workplace

Psychologies’ Life Labs allows its users produce their own community content on topics they’re passionate about. This post is a great example, looking at the issue of trust, something our team is also particularly passionate about.

International Women's Day 2019

The Nature Microbiology community team pulled together International Women’s Day highlights from across their online communities. The many and varied posts included one from the Nature Research Chemistry Community, Not a ‘women's thingy’, which emphasised the fact that gender equality is not just a women’s issue. While another, on the Device & Materials Engineering Community, describes the authors’ experiences of an inclusive approach to collaboration..

The world's first 5G-powered AI stylist

The Oystercatchers Club Network is a showcase of the latest marketing, advertising and media industry news and thinking. So it’s no surprise to find this highly innovative use of AI by EE and Publicis UK as one of the case studies this month. Publicis helped EE trial its super-fast 5G network live on the BAFTA red carpet, transforming digital supermodel Shudu into the world's first AI stylist.

Gallery Neuro

Nature’s Science of Learning community introduced a new channel this month with  content illustrating and defining images of the living brain. The beautiful images - like this one of a neuron making new connections during learning and memory formation - are worth a look, even if you’re not a researcher.

Artificial Intelligence in education

A great example of using audio content within a community, this is the last installment of a mini-series on OECD’s Edtech Podcasts. The series takes a bite-size look at technologies in workplace training, with this episode focusing on AI as a tool in adult education.