What we've been reading in February

A short roundup of the latest community, publishing and digital content insights we’ve spotted this month.
What we've been reading in February

“Start dating your readers”: How to build a long-term relationship with your audience

Turns out, we should have chosen you as our Valentines this year. Xavier Van Leeuwe of Telegraaf Media Groep suggests building real reader relationships rather than just having ‘one-night stands’ with your audience.

The value of an “owned space” for communities

So much we agree with in this article from CMX - "social media tends to be noisy", "niche online communities are growing in popularity", "there is a lot of value in providing an owned space for your community's growth". Well worth a read.

The case for optimism if you’re an online publisher

“...there’s never been a time in history where it was easier for a writer, journalist, photographer, videographer, or musician to make a living off their work”. Reasons for positivity in the publishing industry today

US digital ad spending will surpass traditional in 2019

“For the first time, digital ad spending in the US will exceed traditional ad spending”, according to eMarketer. They also anticipate Amazon’s ad business will grow by more than 50% which will cut into the dominant market share of Google and Facebook => the decline of the duopoly.

Communities let you say ‘yes’

"If you don’t have a community to point people to, you are stuck in the position of saying no – a lot." We enjoyed this piece from Community Roundtable which explains why communities let you say yes to more people.

What content do users want?

What content are different platform audiences are looking for? Nieman Lab aims to answer that question, as well as what they’re not looking for. Some seriously insightful graphs and statistics here to illustrate user preferences.

Churn butter not readers!

Publishers are prioritising retention this year. Confidence is also growing when asking readers to pay for premium content and ‘subscriber revenue will be [publishers’] most important revenue line in 2019’.