February - 28 Days Later

Keeping It Simple
February - 28 Days Later

The Origin:

The Roman month 'Februarius' is named after the Latin term 'februum', which means purification. The purification ritual 'Februa' was held on February 15th, the date of the full moon in the old lunar calendar.

In addition to purification the month is also associated with celebrating the love of family and ancestors, crop sowing and recognising boundaries.

The Highlight:

Echoing the historic roots of Februarius the Zapnito family celebrated four birthdays this month, travelled home on business and visited parents and grandparents over the half term school holiday.

We also built on last month's fundamental work on the financial model by improving the functionality of the overview we use to monitor our key business metrics.

Having worked in the City for 10 years I can see through a lot of the jargon used to show how 'well' a business in doing, but one phrase that always seemed to cut through the nonsense was this: KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.

We use KISS as the underlying philosophy for the KPIs we track and the targets we set ourselves. This enables us to be agile and nimble in the short term while always staying focused on and true to our long term vision. We never ignore the detail but always keep things in perspective.

So remember, don't over complicate things, it's about KEEPING IT SIMPLE.