January’s customer community highlights: 2019 anticipations, the cost of Open Access, the power of memories and more

Want some community or content inspiration? We’ve picked out some of the highlights on our customer communities this month...

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1. What lies ahead for marketing in 2019?

Marketing technology is a hot topic all year round but over on the Oystercatcher Club network, OMD UK have taken the opportunity to predict what we’re going to see in 2019 (both physically and virtually!). The agency also expects brands to ‘continue to make a stand’ this year to empower their audiences.

2. Creating a joined-up reading experience

Members of Springer Nature’s scientific communities will now be able to find a ‘Read the paper’ button on associated posts. This ‘Behind the Paper’ post on the Nature Microbiology community, for example, links effortlessly to the full research published on Nature.com.

3. Open Access publishing: Who pays the price?

Tackling the consistently hot topic of OA publishing, Andreas Hartig argues on the FEBS Network that there’s no such thing as a free breakfast, nor free publishing.

4. The power of positive memories

We use memories to define ourselves, which could make them a powerful tool in the fight against adolescent depression. Adrian Dahl Askelund (University of Cambridge) discusses his masters project over on the Nature Behavioural & Social Sciences community. .

5. Is it possible to control the uncontrollable?

A great example of some of the sponsored content across our communities, this piece from Money Marketing on Vitality’s The Value Exchange discusses 6 steps to enhance your chances of prospering this year.

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