Why share?

There are three important features that enable users to engage with your community content. Finally, sharing.
Why share?

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Sharing community content via social media is of course the easiest possible way to disseminate valuable information to the widest possible audience.

Sharing will…

  • Attract new community members with the great content your site has to offer.

  • Add value to being a community contributor. One of the main reasons experts will create content for your site is for self-promotion. They’ll be very happy when you share their work with your social media audience.

  • Show you appreciate the content your contributors have worked hard to create. Sharing suggests endorsement, which everyone appreciates.

  • Make yourself and your brand look good, as the provider of free, useful information.

It couldn’t be easier to share…

  • When looking at a post or video you’ll see a Share button

  • Click it and select your preferred social media channel:

    • Facebook

    • LinkedIn

    • Twitter

  • Whichever you click on, you’ll be taken direct to the social media site, with much of the post automatically created. Simply edit it as required and share

  • Repeat for all relevant social media channels!

  • If you are a community manager, make a point of sharing at least one piece of network content per day to help grow your network and reward your contributors.

Please feel free to reproduce this content on your own Zapnito site to help your users get the most from their community.

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