Why ‘like’?

There are three important features that enable users to engage with your community content. First, ‘liking’.
Why ‘like’?

All content created on your Zapnito site can be ‘liked’ by users (providing they have the ability to do so). You’ll see a like button below content titles that can be clicked to ‘like’ content. In addition, it shows you how many people have liked that piece of content.

The 'like' button

Users can also like answers submitted to questions. You’ll see a like count at the top of a submitted answer and a ‘Like’ button alongside.

But what does liking do?

  1. It shows you like a piece of content (obviously).

  2. It gets you noticed by the content creator. They receive an email when someone likes their content.

  3. For answers, it helps users know which are likely to be most useful.

  4. If you are a community manager, it thanks contributors for creating content. Never underestimate the power of a ‘like’ in rewarding a contributor for creating content.

  5. It encourages more of the same!

Make it part of your daily community management practice to like your site’s best content. Use liking generously but meaningfully. If you like everything a contributor creates, they’ll soon realise it doesn’t mean anything, but it’s a great way of showing you are engaged with the content your experts have taken the time to create.

Why not… create content designed to be liked?

Ask community members to ‘like’ if they agree with an argument you’ve made or to approve an idea.

Please feel free to reproduce this content on your own Zapnito site to help your users get the most from their community.

Plus: look out for related posts on Why comment? and Why share?.

Any queries? Contact us at support@zapnito.com.


Go to the profile of Max Inchcoombe
over 3 years ago

*Reads post*

*Likes post*

Go to the profile of Jenefer Thoroughgood
over 3 years ago

Thanks for liking Max. I hope you will also comment on my upcoming post about commenting.

Go to the profile of Max Inchcoombe
over 3 years ago

Indeed I think I shall Jen