October 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

The future for CTOs, easy Related Content, and goodbye Google+
October 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

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Happy Halloween! We’ve got a spooktacular newsletter in store for you this month. And we’ll do our best to keep the holiday puns to a minimum (though no promises).

In this edition:

  • From our customer communities: welcome videos, festival highlights and inspirational reading
  • Expert insights: the future for CTOs, social algorithm changes and bye bye Google+
  • Platform updates: related content button, email analytics, and more.

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Customer community highlights

Our customers’ communities are jam-packed full of expert insights, inspirational stories, and new ways to drive commercial success. Here are some fangtastic highlights from this month…

Welcome to the community

Community building is all about encouraging members to contribute and share their expertise. This helpful video made by BioTechniques Forum gives new users a guide to getting started and making the most of the network.

Event highlights on film

The Oystercatchers Club network have made great use of our native video functionality to post highlights from the recent Festival of Marketing. Uploading video directly to the platform makes it stand out from the crowd. And what an engaging way to share expert insights on the Festival.

The world works better when girls go to school

Community content which ties into broader social discussions around ‘World Days’ and notable events is a great way to build your audience. This stirring article on OECD Forum Network was published to mark International Day of the Girl on October 11. Written by Farah Mohamed, CEO of the Malala Fund, the article calls for greater consensus to ensure girls are able to access 12 years of education.

Expert insights

We’re all about the creation and sharing of expertise. So to practice what we preach, here’s some of the month’s best expert commentary on community, knowledge sharing and tech developments.

From the Zapnito Team


What does the future hold for CTOs?

In the age of AI, VR and bots, balancing innovation against governance is becoming an increasingly big challenge for today’s CTOs. And is CTO even the right title for them anymore? Our CEO Charles takes a look.

What does Plan S mean for publishers?

What does Plan S mean for publishers?

In September, eleven research funders in Europe announced ‘Plan S’ to make all scientific works free to read as soon as they are published. Publishing expert David Worlock looks at how the industry reacted, and what the future holds.

What's plan B?

From beyond Zapnito

Another change to the Facebook algorithm

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking ‘not again’ on reading this headline. The Facebook algorithm is difficult to pin down, to say the least. What’s New in Publishing reports that the latest change is designed to de-prioritise content from poor quality news sites which copy and repost content from other sources.

News organisations can guide people through the ‘information jungle’

Participants in a recent research study, reported by Nieman Lab, said they had too much information and news on their screens and that they had to opt out, sort through and hunt for information that they were actually interested in. According to the study, the most successful information providers will likely be those that are able to assist in curating information in a way that helps people more easily identify what is most relevant and reliable.

So long, farewell Google+

Let’s just say we were hardly shocked here at the Zapnito office to learn that Google is finally shelving its own attempt at a social network. The tech giant announced that the sun is officially setting on Google+, after the Wall Street Journal reported the cover up of a major security flaw. The shutdown will be happening over the next 10 months – we’ll be making sure the Zapnito content sharing options reflect this change.

Platform updates

We love to get feedback and identify new opportunities for expertise sharing. This means there are regular updates to our platform, which all our customers benefit from. Here’s what’s been happening this month:

Development Summary

Our development update has a summary of everything we’ve been working on, including improved email reporting, better notification preferences, and our next Skunkworks.

Related Content button

And we’ve also introduced a Related Content button. Originally requested by one of our STM publishing customers, this button allows post authors to easily link out to related content elsewhere on the web - a journal article for example.

Before you go…

How to think like a startup

A special shout out to our readers from the publishing community here. If you’re keen to see how you could be developing innovation within your organisations, there’s still time to sign up for ALPSP’s Innovate or Perish? Seminar, which our CEO Charles will be chairing.

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