September 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

Skunks, chihuahuas, muffins and a new case study
September 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

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Hi there,

Now that summer is over (in London at least), we decided to cheer you up with a great new case study and some chihuahua / muffin fun.


In this edition of your Zapnito newsletter:

  • Zapnito customer highlights: Springer Nature case study; how to find a life coach
  • Product updates: some more feature polishing and a new search engine
  • Expertise round-up: what is a skunkworks anyway?


See you next month.

Charles Thiede
CEO, Zapnito

Zapnito Customer Highlights

Every month, our customers provide invaluable expertise, launch innovative new products, and realise impressive commercial success. Here’s some highlights from this month…

Case study: Springer Nature

Leading academic publisher Springer Nature now has 30 Zapnito sites, from research communities to private editorial board hubs. These sites have attracted more than 1 million page views already this year, delivering new value to the scientific community and new benefits to Springer Nature. Learn more with our new case study!

Multidisciplinary magic

The latest Springer Nature community is Behavioural & Social Sciences at Nature Research. This forum for sharing and discussing ideas and opinions across the behavioural and social sciences landscape brings together researchers from across related but often diffused disciplines and is a great example of how community can foster new, valuable connections.

Get the help you need

Psychologies’ Life Labs community has long been a great source on expertise on all aspects of wellbeing. Now, members can find an expert to help them no matter what their concern – be it their career, their relationship, their family – with Life Labs’ new life coaches directory. A great use of our directories tool.

Product Updates

Zapnito is the platform for creating expert networks, which promote thought leadership and foster collaboration, connecting brands and their communities to build engagement and trust.

Here are the developments we’ve released this month:

A new search engine, for better results and to pave the way for our new ‘expert search’ tool

Improved email reporting, for greater visibility into email KPIs

Replacing ‘upvoting’ with ‘liking’, for a more familiar UX

‘Polish work on badging, notification preferences, following and commenting, improving the functionality of existing features

Expertise Round-up

At Zapnito, our raison d’être is to enable the creation and sharing of expertise. That’s why we have rounded-up some of the month’s best expert commentary on issues affecting our customers.

From the Zapnito Team


Inside the skunkworks

Our CTO, Jon Beer, takes us behind the scenes of Zapnito’s first ever skunkworks. If you are wondering what a skunkworks even is, Jon explains that too.

Inside the skunkworks

Calling all community managers

Darren Gough, community management expert and Zapnito advisor highlights the increasingly important role of the community manager, and offers a special discount on training!

Community Managers?

From beyond Zapnito

This month’s most depressing headline

‘Americans expect to get their news from social media, but they don’t expect it to be accurate’. Depressing for society but promising for publishers, this story based on new research from Pew Research Center again indicates – whether you are a consumer or a publisher – that the time is right for a move away from social.

“Around two-thirds of U.S. adults say they get news from social media… But 57 percent say they expect the news on social media to be ‘largely inaccurate.’”

Technology for impartiality

Speaking of trustworthy content, Knowhere is a fascinating new news service that provides left-leaning, right-leaning and impartial reporting on the biggest stories, using AI and old-fashioned human editors. Check out this example, a report on the proposed Justice Department meeting into social media companies’ stifling of free speech.

Recognising a chihuahua from a muffin

Also on the subject of AI, somehow the whole chihuahua / muffin thing passed us by, until we read this Behind the Paper piece on Springer Nature’s Device & Materials Engineering Community. This post links to this Medium article on which computer vision API is best at differentiating chihuahuas from muffins. Read them both, or just laugh at the chihuahua / muffin pictures. Your call.

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