Zapnito Expert Profiles cheat sheet

Our new Expert Profile is packed full of features to help people and companies showcase their expertise and find new experts with which to connect. Here’s a guide to how it works.
Zapnito Expert Profiles cheat sheet

Updated November 5, 2018

Note that experts / people can be either people or companies. ‘People’ is used here to indicate both types of user.

Hero area

At the top of the page, this area introduces people to the expert and contains a number of useful features to help them connect.

‘Contact’ button

This prominent button makes it clear that the expert in question is open to being approached and therefore encourages direct interactions. It appears if the expert has entered an email address in the Public Email field of their profile and, when clicked, opens a new email to that address.

‘Start panel’ button

If the person viewing the expert’s profile has the ability to host a video panel and the expert themselves has the ability to take part in one, this button will appear. It links to the video panel scheduling page, in order to encourage direct interaction using this popular site feature.

Directory link

Directories are searchable lists of experts. They help people find experts with relevant expertise or shared interests. To make this easier, we’ve linked to the expert’s primary directory (i.e. the one that is highest in the left-hand site navigation) from the hero area. This helps people can easily find others like them.

‘About’ field

A free-text field that allows the expert to say whatever they’d like to promote their knowledge and experience, or advertise their interests.

Custom fields

Your site may have one or more custom fields that some or all people are required to complete on registration. Custom fields are typically used for ‘areas of expertise’ or ‘areas of interest’. The custom fields in use on your site will be shown one after the other on the profile page, along with the selections made by the expert when registering or editing their profile. The fields help people see at a glance whether the expert is someone they need to get to know.

‘Influencer of’ section

People can follow experts in order to be emailed whenever they create content. This carousel shows the 12 people that follow the expert in question. If people see followers they know or respect in the list, it makes them more likely to become a follower too.

‘Popular contributions’

For those experts that contribute content to the network, we show up to eight pieces of their content that have been most popular in the past 90 days, by number of views. This ensures the best of their expertise is showcased.


‘Topics’ showcases the channels and / or rooms to which an expert has contributed (with the tabs linking to those channels / rooms) to immediately illustrate the expert’s areas of expertise without them even having to complete their profile.

‘Online elsewhere’ section

A simple list of links to a user’s website address and social media accounts, if they have entered them when editing their profile. People can choose from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

‘Experts like’ section

A feature to help people viewing a profile find more experts with which to connect. Listed are up to five people that have made similar custom field selections to the expert themselves.

‘Content from similar experts’

Up to three items of content created by experts that has selected similar custom fields to the expert whose profile page is being viewed. The content and expert(s) are suggested to encourage people to expand their reading and grow their networks.