August 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

Reflecting on expert networks; Women in tech; Tidying up
August 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

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We hope you’re enjoying your summer? Most of us here at Zapnito have managed to take a holiday, but it has still been a busy month…

In this edition of your Zapnito newsletter:

  • Zapnito customer highlights: how to do events, news and ‘human’ research insights
  • Product updates: lots of tidying up plus laying the groundwork for channel and room digests
  • Expertise round-up: reflecting on expert networks and addressing the problems faced by women in tech


Enjoy the rest of your summer. See you in September!

Best wishes,

Charles Thiede
CEO, Zapnito

Zapnito Customer Highlights

Every month, our customers provide invaluable expertise, launch innovative new products, and realise impressive commercial success. Here’s some highlights from this month…

Why go ‘Behind the Paper’

We enjoy all the ‘Behind the Paper’ pieces published across Springer Nature’s various research communities, but a piece from npj Digital Medicine Community particularly caught our attention this month. It gives insight into the problems around mobile health apps, (focusing on the incredibly popular but inaccurate Instant Blood Pressure app) and like all Behind the Paper pieces, makes that research so much more accessible and ‘human’.

How to do events

The OECD’s Forum Network is now in its second year of supporting the organisation’s flagship event, and continues to deliver great insights into the happenings of the event itself and the discussions that continue after it ends. Once such example is Wendy McGuiness’s event round-up, in which she shares her personal event highlights and reflections. A great example to share with contributors on how to cover events.

How to do news

Another great example of how to create great content for your expert network comes from RegMedNet, whose weekly news round-ups are a great example of how to ensure your network ensures users don’t need to go anywhere else to stay up-to-date with their field on interest

Product Updates

Zapnito is the platform for creating expert networks, which promote thought leadership and foster collaboration, connecting brands and their communities to build engagement and trust.

August is a quiet month for us, as the team finally takes some holiday, but since the last newsletter, we’ve released the following platform developments:

User management page polish

A tidy-up to this admin page to make it much nicer to use

Multiple course access management

To give you greater control over who has access to which courses

Channel and room digests - first release

Laying the groundwork for our new digest feature that will allow users to curate an email containing updates from the channels and rooms they are most interested in

Continuous improvements

Plus, a lot of smaller back-end improvements including everything from commenting to group management to badges

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Expertise Round-up

At Zapnito, our raison d’être is to enable the creation and sharing of expertise. That’s why we have rounded-up some of the month’s best expert commentary on issues affecting our customers.

From the Zapnito Team

The rise of the expert network

The rise of the expert network

Zapnito CEO Charles Thiede reflects on the growth on expert networks, highlights some of the best examples, and explains why they are the future.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's an expert!
Innovation for reports publishers

Innovation for reports publishers

Jen Thoroughgood, Zapnito’s Chief Producer Officer has been busy interviewing experts this month. First up, she speaks to Edwin Bailey, an expert on the B2B reports market about what innovation looks like for these most traditional of publishers.

Reporting for innovating experts, SIR!
Where did all the women go?

Where did all the women go?

Next – in a two-part video – Jen interviews Women Who Tech director Justyn Hintze about why there are so few women in tech, the challenges faced by those that do work in tech, and how to fix the problem.

Miss Tech, 2018

From beyond Zapnito

AI to fight the fakes

What’s New In Publishing’s piece on Duke University Reporters’ Lab’s exploration of how AI could make it easier for fact-checkers to spot fake news gives us hope that not only could AI benefit the publishing industry (rather than take jobs) but also that there will be a solution to the seemingly unsolvable problem of fake news. But this will be far from a silver bullet…

“Trust in the media has got to be built one story at a time and one organisation at a time. I think this technology ultimately helps with it, but it’s a bigger problem than a bit of code is going to be able to fix.”

Welcome back SEO!

Facebook stories dominate the media and tech space again this month, increasing everyone’s concern about their use of the platform. On the upside, perhaps this concern will lead to publishers focusing on driving traffic back to their own sites, consequently revisiting SEO. That’s the case made by Nieman Lab at least.

“For better or worse, SEO forced publishers to focus on providing their readers with relevant information.”

The danger of free information

Anyone who enjoyed Sapiens (or just saw everyone reading it, everywhere) will be interested in Yuval Noah Harari’s new book on “the difficulties that confront us at the present”. We were interested in his interview with The Guardian in which he discusses the danger in content being commoditised.

“We’re willing to pay for high quality food and clothes and cars, so why not high quality information?”

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