Community Management Training (and how to save some money)

Community Management is still a relatively new career in the grand scheme of things. Compared to working in Marketing or HR, it’s not uncommon to get blank looks from people unfamiliar with the term and what it entails.
Community Management Training (and how to save some money)

Yet it’s a career that is growing quickly and professionally. Ten to twenty years ago you may have struggled to find too many jobs in the sector, especially ones paying good wages. But as social media increasingly becomes a muddled noise where true value is disguised as clever showmanship, brands are identifying carefully built communities as the solution.

The community offers a passionate collective of individuals who can ask questions, solve problems and curate expertise with like minded people. Many of these members become brand ambassadors, making word of mouth recommendations and giving product feedback that social media outreach can only dream of.

As this shift happens, more organisations will be exposed to, and understand, that community is where good things happen. As part of this transition, the need for better and more experienced community professionals will rapidly increase and opportunities will present themselves.

For a Community Manager looking to get to the top of their game, training is absolutely vital. Community doesn’t have decades of experience to draw from, but in its short existence some of the brightest thinkers in this and related fields are already combining data insight, psychology, communication skills and a desire to continually advance into training offerings that offer a huge bang for your buck.

One such collection of courses I thoroughly recommend is FeverBee’s online catalogue. Richard Millington is one of the industries leading figures and his courses put an emphasis on distilling complex science into easy to implement strategy.

Everyone from small startups to brand names like Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, Facebook, and Greenpeace have been through these courses as they are so highly regarded. Courses take you from the very beginning of your journey right through to some really advanced methods, and everything in between.

I’ve worked with FeverBee and Zapnito to offer a 15% OFF CODE on ANY FeverBee course. Simply add “darren15” (without the quotes) and the cost should reduce accordingly. Code can be stopped at any time so take advantage whilst you can.

In an industry where Director of Community salary packages have started to total six figures, investing in your career at this point is one of the smartest things any of us can do.

Any problems with the code - please do let me know. If you're looking for a deeper, more personal level of support, please do drop me a line for a chat :


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over 3 years ago

Thanks Darren - a great offer. I took some of the FeverBee training and really recommend it.