July 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

Our new home, our first skunkworks and Gwyneth Paltrow
July 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

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Hello from our new home!

We are now settled into our new office at Mindspace Shoreditch. Moving to such a cool space feels like a significant step up in the Zapnito journey and we’re enjoying how much our customers, advisors and friends love our new home. If you’re yet to visit, come by any time.

Also in this edition…

  • Zapnito customer highlights: our cutest ever expert and an exclusive club
  • Product updates: new-look expert profiles, from our first ever skunkworks!
  • Expertise round-up: the case for and against social networks. And Gwyneth Paltrow

As ever, your feedback is appreciated.


Charles Thiede

CEO, Zapnito

Zapnito Customer Highlights

Every month, our customers provide invaluable expertise, launch innovative new products, and realise impressive commercial success. Here’s some highlights from this month…

Our cutest ever expert

The latest site from our friends at Centaur Media is The Value Exchange, a collaboration between leading insurance company Vitality and Centaur’s financial brands Employee Benefits, Money Marketing and Mortgage Strategy . A community designed to be the one-stop-shop for everything that financial advisers, mortgage brokers and benefits consultants need to help their clients enjoy a longer, healthier more financially secure life, it also features our cutest ever expert, Stanley. We can’t wait to hear his views.

Join the club

Another very exciting launch this month is The Oystercatchers Club, an exclusive community of the most influential senior leaders from agencies, media and technology businesses alongside CMO’s CTO’s and C-suite leaders of brands. In its very early days but now open for registration, it will become an invaluable place for keeping up to date with the outputs of the world’s most creative agencies. For insight from the Oystercatchers team, check out their growing list of experts.

How to do events

The FEBS Network has given us some great examples this month of how to enhance your events via your Zapnito network. Check out this channel that showcases the FEBS Letters journal’s 50th Anniversary Symposium and the site’s host of event-related rooms. The latter includes a room specifically for young scientists in conjunction with FEBS’s annual Young Scientists’ Forum, a private online space to support news, learning and interaction around the event.

Product Updates

Zapnito is the platform for creating expert networks, which promote thought leadership and foster collaboration, connecting brands and their communities to build engagement and trust.

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released the following platform developments.

New-look expert profiles

The result of our week-long skunkworks, we’ll be developing the profiles over the weeks ahead based on user feedback


We’ve introduced the internet standard for deterring fake users

Hidden channels

Hide channels from your navigation to create destinations for marketing campaigns

Highlights email management

Making it easier for you to curate this brand new email

Continuous improvements

A major platform upgrade plus ongoing platform configuration

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Expertise Round-up

At Zapnito, our raison d’être is to enable the creation and sharing of expertise. That’s why we have rounded-up some of the month’s best expert commentary on issues affecting our customers.

From the Zapnito Team

Inside our rebrand

Inside our rebrand

Matt Hall, Zapnito’s Creative Director gives a behind-the-scenes view into our recent rebrand and explains why we had to drop the lighting bolt.

Lightning strikes far more than twice
Person looking out of a window

Is the era of social media over?

In the week that Facebook and Twitter saw their stock plummet, Zapnito CEO Charles Thiede explains that expert networks not social networks are the future.

A new dawn
Is the era of social media over?

Posting with the enemy

Marketing & Support Executive Max Inchcoombe says that for Zapnito, social media still has its place and explains why we use Facebook and co while recognising the platforms’ many problems.


From beyond Zapnito

Automation for a human touch?

This short Publishing Executive piece on automation’s role for publishers, from sending friendly welcomes to acquiring customers in the first place, is an interesting read to us at Zapnito, who prioritise human interactions in our platforms but have also recently become HubSpot customers (a leader provider of marketing automation software). We think it’s fair to say that automation will be playing a growing role in the Zapnito user experience…

“They’ve built a relationship with their customers by listening to them, understanding them, and then using technology and automation to show up and give the consumer exactly what they need.”

The platforms as ‘data barons’

We can’t talk about this enough, so when the MIT Technology Review publishes a piece on how Facebook, Google and Amazon should be considered ‘data barons’ that need reining in, we pay attention. We agree that this is a problem that needs to be solved at the highest level.

“The sooner we find smart ways to diminish the firms’ dominance of our data, the better.”

Gwyneth illustrates the case for publishers

The Guardian ’s focus on a revealing admission made in a broader The New York Times Magazine piece on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop (yes, Goop, home to the dubious steaming), is an entertaining read that illustrates everything that is wrong with the content industry. The partnership between publisher Condé Nast and Goop broke down due to Paltrow’s unwillingness to fact-check the many spurious claims made by the ‘experts’ that contribute to Goop. Good on Condé Nast, shame on Goop.

“She argued that they were interviewing experts and didn’t need to check what they were saying was scientifically accurate.”

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