April 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

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April 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

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In this edition...

  • Zapnito customer highlights: widgets in action, great homepages & the danger of ego
  • Product updates: harder, better, faster, stronger. It’s mainly about performance
  • Our expertise round-up: tech special! Our developers on their latest releases

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Charles Thiede
CEO, Zapnito

Customer Highlights

Every month, our customers provide invaluable expertise, launch innovative new products, and realise impressive commercial success. Here are some highlights from this month...

Widgets in action!

Back in November, we released our channel widgets feature, which allows you to pull content from a channel on your Zapnito network to any other website, using an iframe widget. When new content is added to your Zapnito site, it’ll automatically appear in the widget on your other site. Magic! McGraw-Hill are using this to great effect on their AccessMedicine site, showcasing content from three channels, including the fascinating Image of the Week.

How to do homepages

We’re often asked how much a Zapnito homepage can be customised. The answer is: a lot. Even using the standard design template without a custom theme, there’s a lot you can do with the widgets and code snippets to make your homepage your own. The Forum for Expatriate Management’s new homepage is a great example.

Experts: why remain a student?

A regular contributor to the Nature Research Microbiology Community is Madhukar Pai, who proves that it is possible to attract writers of high-quality, frequent content for your network. His latest post, inspired by a book he recently read, talks about the dangers to academics of over-inflated ego and explains how to combat the condition, including a reminder that even experts also need to remain students.

Product Updates

Zapnito is the platform for quickly and easily creating branded hubs of experts and content, in order to create, share and promote expertise.

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released the following platform developments:

Better user deletion

Allow users to delete their accounts & safeguard against accidental deletion

Changes to content card-level editing

For improved performance

More performance improvement work

Your Zapnito sites are faster than ever

RSS feed improvements

Images plus channel and room names added for richer data


Lots of background-work to prepare for GDPR…

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Expertise Round-up

At Zapnito, our raison d'être is to enable the creation and sharing of expertise. That’s why we have rounded-up some of the month’s best expert commentary on issues affecting our customers.

From the Zapnito team: developer special!

On the fly image optimisation

On the fly image optimisation

We know you’re keen to hear more from our developers about the work they do to make Zapnito even better. Here, our newly-promoted Head of Engineering Karl Freeman explains how we have optimised images uploaded to the platform and decreased page load times as a result...

Time flies
Behind the scenes of CSV upload improvements

Behind the scenes of CSV upload improvements

...and developer Michael Cleary describes our work to rebuild and enhance our much-used CSV user upload tool. You may have noticed it now works even better and is more helpful. Mike explains why.

The incredible bulk

Russian dolls and site load times

If you want to get more technical still, take a look at CTO Jon Beer’s post on other recent platform performance improvements. Even if you don’t understand what caching is or what a database query does (and what this has to do with Russian dolls), you will certainly be impressed by the charts showing our much-improved site load times.

The right tool for the job

The right tool for the job

Something less technical now: Charles Thiede, Zapnito’s CEO discusses why we focus on the Jobs To Be Done by Zapnito and why publishers and others really need to stop asking whether they should build or buy when the answer is obvious.


From beyond Zapnito

To comment or not to comment?

Published earlier this year, but pertinent now as we have recently released our conversations feature, we’re interested to hear your views on whether comments on content are essential or unnecessary for user engagement. This article from Media Shift presents publishers’ differing views.

"What better opportunity is there for folks to come together and find out what each other thinks than to be able to comment on stories and engage in debate?"

One-stop GDPR shop

What’s New In Publishing has created a GDPR feed of the ever-increasing stories about the impending regulation. We can’t decide if it’s a useful resource that pulls everything together with helpful ‘at a glance’ summaries or a stream of noise that just illustrates how no one really knows what GDPR will bring.

Inside developing ‘simple’ features

In the spirit of this month’s techy theme to our newsletter, this post on how the development team at The New York Times caught our eye. It gives insight into the complex decisions that need to be made to develop even seemingly simple features.

"While you may not think about the code powering these complicated text-editing maneuvers, my team here at The New York Times thinks about it constantly."

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