March 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

Welcome to the third Zapnito newsletter!
March 2018 Zapnito Newsletter

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Welcome to the third Zapnito newsletter!

In this edition...

  • Our expertise round-up: why experts are like wolves and why community managers have a lot to learn from their local bar
  • Zapnito customer highlights: big cats and an alarm call against the distrust of science
  • Product updates: a major new release - conversations in rooms

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Charles Thiede
CEO, Zapnito

Expertise Round-up

At Zapnito, our raison d'être is to enable the creation and sharing of expertise. That’s why we have rounded-up some of the month’s best expert commentary on issues affecting our customers.

Starting Small

Starting Small

Our very welcome guest contributor - community management expert Darren Gough - explains why, when it comes to community, small is beautiful. Like a quiet corner of a cosy local pub.

One small step...
Dame Minouche Shafik on experts

Dame Minouche Shafik on experts

Jen Thoroughgood, our Chief Product Officer (and Desert Island Discs fan) highlights the director of the London School of Economics’ views on experts, as expressed on the BBC radio programme this month. A must-listen especially for our STM-publishing customers, as Shafik calls for academics to educate the public on the rigour to which their work is subjected.

Cast away
Experts and the Information Food Chain

Experts and the Information Food Chain

Chief Finance Officer, Steve Thompson loves an analogy. This month, he explains why experts are like wolves, and why we should protect their place at the top of the information food chain.

Dances with wolves
Pervasive or Progressive? Part 1

Pervasive or Progressive? Part 1

Max Inchcoombe, Marketing Executive begins a three-part series questioning whether new technologies are assisting the publishing industry (and wider commercial world) to visualise information and communicate more efficiently, or whether they serve to errode content distribution and communication processes on a global scale.

Rise of the robots

From beyond Zapnito

It’s not who you are but who you’re connected to that matters

As publishers fall out of love with distributing content on social media platforms, Publishing Executive explains that social graphing might help content distribution become more effective. Apparently, who people are connected to is a better predictor than their demographic when it comes to what they will and won’t read. We certainly believe there is power in the data of networks so will be watching this space with interest…

Google helps publishers make money!

Fighting to keep publishers from drifting away, Google looks set to help them find and retain customers. It’s early stages and it may be too little too late, but it seems the platforms are starting to see the value in quality content, Bloomberg reports.

"Many have been pushing Google and Facebook for new tools to drive subscriptions, arguing they should help support trusted journalism at a time when their platforms have been exploited to publish fake news."

This week’s scary Facebook story

By now you will have noticed that we love a scary Facebook story. We’re not going with the obvious one this month, but given that story, we valued this comment piece in The Guardian that told us that you can download an archive of your Facebook history to learn just how much the company knows about you.

"Requesting my archive proved a wakeup call about what [other] intel the company had on me."

Customer Highlights

Every month, our customers provide invaluable expertise, launch innovative new products, and realise impressive commercial success. Here’s some highlights from this month...

An alarm call against obscurantism and distrust of science

This passionate piece from Dr. María Luz Cárdenas, Senior Scientist at the Institut de Microbiologie de la Méditerranée in France really resonated with us here at Zapnito. Publishing to the FEBS Network, Dr Cárdenas describes a number of ways in which the public is increasingly distrustful of proven expertise, of science, and increasingly willing to put its faith in pseudo-science. She calls for educators to fight this worrying trend.

The type of cats we like

At Zapnito, we often bemoan how the internet has been overrun by pictures and videos of cats. But Nature Ecology and Evolution Community this month published some valuable cat expertise in the form of a round-up of research into big cat populations. Interesting and cute in equal measure.

Could Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) make us all cleverer?

The npj Science of Learning Community gives fascinating insight into research studies on using DBS to enhance learning, paving the way for an AI-guided pacemaker-type device that could give users a memory boost when needed. Sign us up.

Product Updates

Zapnito Knowledge Networks is the platform for quickly and easily creating branded hubs of experts and content, in order to create, share and promote expertise.

Since the last newsletter, we’ve released the following platform developments:

Conversations in rooms!

A significant new feature that allows members of open and private rooms to have discussions, which can be moderated

More improvements to email

Part of a large piece of work to improve current emails and launch new ones to drive engagement

Custom badges MVP

The first release of a new feature to allow admins to badge content as needed

Platform improvements

essential for good site performance, including image optimisation

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