What you said and what we’re doing about it

Many thanks to those of you that took part in our recent customer feedback survey. For all our wonderful customers, here is an update on what we will be doing as a result of your feedback
What you said and what we’re doing about it

Thank you

First up, thank you so much for the great scores and feedback you gave us in response to our standard questions around our product and service. 

It makes us all really happy to get such great comments and inspires us to do even better in future. 

Secondly, your suggestions for what we could do to improve were extremely valuable. Even better, they are in line with our plans for 2018, so it is good to know that we have a good understanding of what you and your customers need. 

2018 development work

The main themes in our planned development work have been informed by your feedback and are as follows:


  • New features, pages and improvements to give you more control over your Zapnito site and less need to email us to make changes 


  • A significant overhaul of the features used to enable interactions between individuals and groups on your Zapnito site. We’ve started with conversations in rooms (in progress) and will be moving to Q&A, commenting and messaging features. We will be learning from early usage of the Knowledge Feeds product as well as how these existing features have been used to date. We’ll update you on this major piece of work as it develops and, as ever, will be involving customers and users in how these features develop 

User- / expert-focus 

  • An overhaul of profile pages and registrations is still high on the priority list and we will be adding to our list in this area greater personalisation for users and better user-insights for users and admins alike


  • Continuing to improve what we have with even better UX and UI (although it’s great to hear we get a lot right here already) 

This is addition to our standard work to improve site performance, security, SEO and all those other important background things. We’ll also be making some changes to ensure GDPR compliance. 

As ever, there is a lot to do but we have a tight focus on these important areas and will keep you updated on progress.

More customers, faster development

As you know, the more customers we have, the more developers we can hire, which means faster development of the features you’re looking for to improve your Zapnito sites.

Please help us to attract more customers by posting a review on Capterra. Capterra is a site that helps users buy software and the current reviews we have on there have already brought us some interesting new prospects.

It takes just a few minutes to leave a review and it really makes a difference to us. Click here to begin. 

Thanks again for your support and feedback, 

The Zapnito Team