David Bass' story

A True Expert and Zapnito Advisor. I was interviewed as a Zapnito advisor recently - here are my responses
David Bass' story

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a 20-year software executive who has lead several start-ups and large publicly traded companies as the GM, CMO, and SVP of Sales and Marketing. Today, I am mainly focused on B2B SaaS software companies focused on fintech, ecommerce, marketing automation, and education where I serve as an interim CEO, COO, CRO, or CMO. I live in San Francisco, CA with my wife and 4 kids and love to train, mountain bike, run, and drink wine and eat great food.

How did you end up becoming a Zapnito advisor?

I met Charles through Walter Walker from Code Mantra.

Why is Zapnito necessary and important today?

I think the platform solves a lot of issues for companies to be able to create vibrant and relevant communities for their customer audiences.

How do you see Zapnito’s business developing in the next 5 years?

I would assume that Zapnito could grow into a very interesting data analytics company for their clients and the verticals they are in. For instance, focusing on medical communities where the data about professional habits by discipline could be a data source someone subscribes to, so they too can measure what happens within complimentary and/or competitive areas of medicine.


What in your opinion/experience is the single-most important skill in running a successful start-up?

Perseverance, followed by fearless leadership and focusing on doing one thing extremely well so everyone in the company knows exactly what direction they are rowing in.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt in your career to date?

Failing is OK and necessary so you can learn from it. The next lesson is that work is not summer camp. Work should be fun, but execution is everything and everyone must play a role on the team to make it successful.

And what is your main career goal for the next 5 years?

To continue to interact with smarter people who have great business and social ideas which can have impact on others in a positive and productive way.

If you could advocate one company to the world (aside from Zapnito & your own), what would it be and why?

Toms. The message and mission to give back to others through the donating a pair of shoes for every pair sold is pretty compelling. And another one would be Patagonia who puts its money into sustainability based upon its sales. Both have great Chairman/CEO/Founders who lead by example.

Everyone has a brilliant app idea. What’s yours?

I have created many applications (mobile and enterprise) for B2B and B2C over my career. Some have been somewhat successful, others have failed miserably. So, I’m not sure have any brilliant idea right now.

If you had £1 billion and had to invest it in only one of the following three, which would it be and why? 1. Virtual Reality 2. Artificial Intelligence 3. Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy, the other two are going to ruin our capacity to think and experience things as humans. The other two are also going to limit how many people actually have paying jobs and roles in society. I am terribly scared of what our next 4 generations will experience because of VR and AI. We need new ways to create energy and not ruin our planet. It is happening so fast, we are not thinking about what will be left in the next 100 years, especially with the ‘wackos’ who are running our country today. We are going in reverse.

Please do contact me if you would like to learn more about Zapnito or to get in touch about my work. David Bass