Goodbye Twitter

Why I am leaving Twitter.

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I am leaving Twitter. I never got Twitter. I got Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat (sort of), Instagram, Quora and others. But I just never got the Twitter thing. 

I reluctantly joined Twitter when, in a previous life, I was instructed to by my boss. Despite giving it a good try, I'm yet to see the value and doubt I ever will. 

I very quickly found that Twitter breeds rants. Twitter breeds trolls. Twitter breeds noise, all of which are a problem and make Twitter a place in which I don't want to hang around. In the words of former Twitter CEO Dick Costello

“We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years.”

Early in Zapnito's life someone asked us if we wanted to buy 20,000 Twitter followers. (We declined.) This well illustrates why Twitter sucks at dealing with trolls: because it does not have a meaningful identification process. Anyone can join, as anyone, and can follow anyone, and a lot of those anyones are fake.

So, the biggest reason Twitter never worked for me was because anyone could follow me. The people that mattered (to me) were lost among fake or spam accounts, or accounts from real people just collecting followers through following. I couldn't identify the people and Tweets that mattered to me in among all the junk. On Facebook, you choose your friends. On LinkedIn, you choose who is in your network. And for the most part, these are real people. 

Maybe I will miss Batman2023, CatVideos11, WolfPuppy and the more odd followers that I picked-up along the way. Unlikely.

The main reason I am leaving now is because I can't be arsed (oh, I am becoming British too quickly) to keep it going. I have to reduce the noise and distractions in my life and Twitter is an easy one to let go. It is nothing but noise and distraction.

Perhaps more importantly, at Zapnito we are trying to lead a move back to the world of trusted expertise and curated knowledge. Being part of an environment that seems to promote the opposite of that, just feels wrong.

So #goodbyetwitter.

It's goodbye from me...

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Charles Thiede

CEO & Co-Founder, Zapnito Ltd.

My background is in technology, professional services and digital media. I co-founded Zapnito due to a number of related observations from my time in these sectors: 1) the social web is creating a huge amount of noise 2) expertise that brands have built up over decades is being drowned out and hidden from those that need it 3) these brands are therefore losing their audience to often undeserving and unhelpful sources, and 4) people are finding it harder to access the expertise that they truly value. I therefore decided to create Zapnito, a white-label platform to help trusted brands reclaim their audiences via expert-driven knowledge networks.


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Violeta Ribarska about 3 years ago


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Jenefer Thoroughgood about 3 years ago

On the other hand, I am giving it one last chance. We will see how I get on!

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Jon P. Beer about 3 years ago

I enjoyed using Twitter up until around two years ago.  When I first used Twitter it was great for following experts in my field.  I followed people I trusted to share useful information about web technology.  But over the last few years it has seemed to become less and less useful, even though I still only followed people I was interested in.   

Maybe those people just stopped posting, or maybe their tweets got lost in the noise, either way - once upon a time Twitter was good if you followed the right people, but somehow it's suffered from abuse of it's purpose and unfortunately these days it's drowning in it's own success.

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Charles Thiede about 3 years ago

I agree with this. I think Twitter had some value early on and was very disruptive. I am thinking that the "network effect" does drown the success of places like LinkedIn and Facebook and social media has now had its day.