2020 Wrapped: Platform highlights

A roundup of some of the great work done using the Zapnito platform this year.
2020 Wrapped: Platform highlights

As we look back on 2020, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t a year that went totally according to the script. Even so, our clients were able to use the Zapnito platform to achieve amazing results for themselves and their audiences. From medical knowledge-sharing to animal conservation, we saw our software used in some amazing and innovative ways this year. Here’s a look back on a few standout moments.

OnMedica - peer-to-peer medical discussion

Peer-to-peer discussion between GPs and medical experts is always vital, but no more so than in 2020. Despite this, safe places for online discussion between doctors have been all but impossible to find - until now, that is. OnMedica gives members the opportunity to start discussions and collaborate on content. The community even features a verification process which allows only GMC registered doctors to have full access to the site.

simplycommunicate - a star-studded virtual event

simplycommunicate is a network of over 300 internal communication professionals. Their two annual conferences, simplyIC and the simplysummit, are the UK’s largest events for internal communicators interested in the digital workplace. In collaboration with Zapnito, simplycommunicate transformed simplyIC into a virtual format and built an online community around it. The outreach of simplyIC exceeded expectations, drawing in over 560 attendees from across the globe. The increased international interest in the event was made possible due to the virtual format, opening up new commercial avenues for simplycommunicate.

WildHub - conservation made digital

Setting up a community of conservationists - another scientific field which requires peer-to-peer interaction and knowledge sharing - was always a good idea. But when face-to-face meetings became impossible overnight, it became a stroke of genius. In less than a year, WildHub has grown to over 1,000 members spanning an incredible 80 countries. Among the very first online communities set up during lockdown, the success of WildHub is proof that a pandemic is no match for the power of collective intelligence.

Outsell - trustworthy data and information analysis

The voice of the data and information industry, Outsell provides trusted advisors for buyers, sellers and investors. With a little help from Zapnito, Outsell were able to set up an online community to provide easier access to expert knowledge, as well as frequent news and analysis of the latest goings-on in the industry. We'll be releasing our own case study on the success of the Outsell community in 2021, so watch this space.