A note about plug-ins

Want to encourage newsletter sign-up, promote your social media accounts, promote a survey? There is probably a plug-in that does what you need!
A note about plug-ins

When it comes to product development, we try to focus on what we do best, to develop the features and UX needed for sharing and engaging with expertise. But sometimes you might want your site to do something more. This is where plug-ins / widgets come in. 

This week alone, I've had requests for Zapnito to create a form to capture email addresses for a newsletter, to make social media icons more prominent, to host a survey. We're always more than happy to consider feature requests but all of these things are already really easy to do - and done better - with plug-ins.

If you Google 'website plug-ins', you will find a host of other providers - as well as sites that round-up lists of providers - the vast majority of which can be used with your Zapnito site. 

Most plug-ins will work in the same way: you generate a piece of code that is embedded on your website and then allows you to create one or many widgets for your site.

 Example script

Example plug-in script from GetSiteControl

You simply send that code to us via support@zapnito.com, we embed it using a code snippet, and you are good to go!