Zapnito and events part 4: after the event

Many Zapnito customers use events - conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies - to launch and promote their networks. And for some customers, an event is the central point of focus for their network. Here’s how to get the most from Zapnito after your event.
Zapnito and events part 4: after the event

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7 ways to make best use of your Zapnito network straight after an event

Arguably the most important stage in using your Zapnito network alongside an event is straight after that event has taken place. This is when you need to continue the momentum generated at the event and engage the people who registered on-site. You can do this by:

  1. Ensuring all the content you created at and for the event is on your network site, creating a valuable repository of information

  2. Contacting the new registrants and giving them initial tasks to undertake, such as completing their profile and following experts (making it clear what’s in it for them, of course!)

  3. Analysing your registrant data to see whether your site is so far attracting the target audience and adjusting your messaging if needed

  4. Identifying potential contributors by seeing who among your new registrants has the ‘right’ profile to contribute to your site

  • Using GoSquared to identify the social media influencers among your registrants can be especially helpful here as those who see the value in contributing to social media often see the value (often more value) in contributing to a knowledge network

  • Commissioning posts and videos informed by the event

    • Once you have identified suitable contributors, find out what sessions they attended an ask them to write an opinion piece or take part in an interview with you about what they learnt or how they feel about the topics discussed. Having a standard template for this can be really useful, giving guidance to contributors on what you are looking for

  • If it’s your event, using the site as a channel for feedback, by asking questions to members about the event or embedding polls and surveys

  • Creating follow-up content from your speakers. Follow-up interviews with and contributions from event speakers can be as valuable - or sometimes even more valuable - than the event presentations themselves as speakers can reflect on the discussions, the questions they were asked and the input of their peers to provide new insights

    • If possible, arrange these additional contributions in advance of the event so that speakers are willing and prepared to take part

    If your Zapnito network is closely tied to your event, this is just the start of the process of making your event a 365-day-a-year proposition, using Zapnito. Contact us to explore how Zapnito can enhance your event year-round: generating new revenue; delivering new value to delegates, speakers and sponsors, and enhancing your event brand year-round.