Zapnito and events part 3: at the event

Many Zapnito customers use events - conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies - to launch and promote their networks. And for some customers, an event is the central point of focus for their network. Here’s how to get the most from Zapnito before at event.
Zapnito and events part 3: at the event

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6 ways to promote your Zapnito network at an event

We’ve seen our customers do some great things to promote their Zapnito sites at conferences and exhibitions.

If it’s your event: 

  1. Sign-up your speakers so that they are contactable via your network

  • Speaker profiles not only showcase the expertise on offer at your event, they enable better networking between delegates and speakers, using Zapnito’s direct messaging, commenting and discussions tools

  • Hosting speakers’ presentations on your site also adds value to delegates and saves admin time distributing them after the event, and also enables you to...

  • ...refer to the network in sessions

    • The best way to present your network as relevant and valuable is to link it to the sessions taking place at the event, e.g. by:

    1. Having presenters show a final slide with the network URL and pointing attendees there to download their slides

    2. Encouraging delegates to engage with speakers using the network, especially if you run out of time to take all their questions

     But even if it’s not: 

    1. Big-screen demos, showcasing your site on big TV screens

    • These work especially well if you create content at the event so that your demo includes highly recent posts and videos that are useful to attendees while on-site and make the site seem current (more on which below)

  • Mobile sign-up campaigns

    • Don’t forget about small screens though! As Zapnito sites are fully responsive, it’s easy to get people to sign-up using their - or your - mobile device. Targeting people when they are queuing for coffee or lunch works especially well

  • Hand-outs with QR codes that when scanned open the site registration page

    • These work especially well as seat-drops, placed on auditorium seats for attendees to read before sessions begin

  • On-site signage

    • Traditional methods such as signage can also work well at encouraging sign-up, especially if placed in areas where people tend to be waiting for a session to start / lunch to be served. Again, QR codes on signage are helpful for enabling quick sign-up, as is ensuring you have social media registration enabled on your Zapnito site

    In addition to the above promotional activity, Zapnito is a great tool for creating content around your event. Because Zapnito sites make it very easy to create content, they are more versatile than static event websites that often can do little more than host basic event information and tend not to be updated while at the event to showcase all the great stuff happening there. (Embedding a live Twitter feed doesn’t count!)

    Creating content on-site helps keep delegates engaged by giving them new ways to keep up to date with what’s happening and to interact with fellow attendees. What’s more, any material you create at an event can be very valuable at promoting it in later years, as well as for delivering value to people not able to attend.

    What’s more, content created on Zapnito brings to the fore the very thing that brings attendees to an event: the people they will meet there.

    4 ways to create at-event content using Zapnito 

    1. Event reporting: showcasing what’s happening and speaking to attendees about what they are getting from the event. Using Zapnito’s quick-to-use content creation tools, you can quickly add posts, videos and documents to your network to keep attendees up to date with what’s happening and catch-up on what they’ve missed

    • A great way to do this is to give free event passes to people to attend the event and act as roving reporters. Students or junior executives in your industry are ideal for this, generally being social-media savvy and perhaps less able to pay to attend

  • Q&A can be used for both for ‘live’ Q&A during sessions and to allow delegates to ask questions or start conversations related more broadly to the event

  • Attendee reflections: encourage attendees to create posts and videos at the event giving their opinion on the presentations they’ve seen

    • This works best when structured as a formal competition, with clear guidelines on what you are looking for and how to create content, as well as a prize for the best contributions!

  • Sponsor promotions: your sponsors can be valuable content-creators at your event. At large exhibitions in particular, many sponsors will run on-booth promotions that they can promote via your network, drawing visitors

  • Contact us to explore how Zapnito can enhance your event or to discuss event-related promotions for your Zapnito site. 

    In part 4: how to use Zapnito after your event…