Zapnito and events part 2: before the event

Many Zapnito customers use events - conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies - to launch and promote their networks. And for some customers, an event is the central point of focus for their network. Here’s how to get the most from Zapnito before your event.
Zapnito and events part 2: before the event

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10 ways to use your Zapnito network before your event

If you’re piggybacking on an event to raise your network’s profile:

  1. Use the network as a content marketing platform to showcase what you’re doing at the event and where to find you

  2. Prompt network registration to people attending the event with the promise of giveaways or a members’ event, e.g. ‘Register for ‘network’ and get a free report when you visit us at ‘event’’ or ‘Join us for members’ drinks at ‘event’ when you register on ‘network’’

  3. Create content inspired by event sessions and share it using the event’s social media channels / hashtags to capture the attention of the event audience

  • This works best if you have a relationship with event speakers and can encourage them to write or be interviewed by you on topics relevant to their event presentation

 Or if it’s your event and it’s the focus of your network:

  1. Use the network to bring together all your pre-event communications. These are typically sent by email and can be lost in people’s inboxes. A network can be a far more efficient way to share and store that information

  2. Raise the profile of their speakers by video interviewing / profiling them, to attract attendees to their sessions and showcase the expertise on offer at the event

  3. Provide background material to help people understand the sessions that will take place and therefore get maximum value from them

  4. Get a better idea of who the event audience is - and therefore ensure the event meets their needs - by encouraging people to create profiles and to contribute to the network

  5. Enable networking: allow attendees to see in advance who is attending and encourage them to follow and message each other to kick-off their conversations

  6. Sell enhanced sponsorship packages. Sponsors can act as users on the network, giving them a profile, allowing them to communicate directly with attendees and letting them showcase their expertise through content creation

  • This can even take the form of a virtual exhibition, using Zapnito’s directories tool to list sponsors and help delegates find the suppliers that meet their needs

  • Use Q&A to submit questions to speakers in advance to help them prepare and give better answers on the day

  • Contact us to explore how Zapnito can enhance your event or to discuss event-related promotions for your Zapnito site.

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