Zapnito and events part 1: why?

Many Zapnito customers use events - conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies - to launch and promote their networks. And for some customers, an event is the central point of focus for their network. Here’s why.
Zapnito and events part 1: why?

Why launch / promote a Zapnito network at an event? 

You can think of a Zapnito knowledge network as a permanent event. Like an event, it hosts individuals and content, and brings people together to consume and contribute expertise. It may well have sponsors looking to engage directly with the audience. What’s more, a network tends to cover a specific topic that is of interest to a clearly defined group, again much like an event.

If you host or can take part in an event with the same topic-focus and audience as your network, it can be a great place to launch your site, giving you easy access to one of the most engaged sectors of your network’s target audience: people who have committed time and money to meeting up around the topic in question. Recruiting these individuals to your network can give it a great kick-start as they are especially likely to see the need for your network and be keen to participate in it.

Why create a Zapnito network around an event?

Some Zapnito customers have gone one step further than simply promoting their network at an event. They have created a Zapnito network specifically to support an event. Because a Zapnito network can act like a permanent version of the event, it offers significant potential to increase the benefits of the event to their business, including:

  • Longer-term / increased revenue generation (especially from sponsors) as packages that offer year-round value can be sold

  • ‘Ownership’ of an audience, so that you don’t have to re-engage members each time the event occurs - you are in constant communication with them - and can therefore reduce marketing effort and spend

  • Improved attendee communication, making it easier to share important information so that the event runs more efficiently

  • Maximum use from the content created by the event, ensuring speakers’ presentations and the like are seen by the widest possible audience, promoting the event’s value and giving speakers maximum exposure to their audience

  • Year-round visibility of the event brand, keeping it in delegates’ minds and therefore making re-attendance more likely

Furthermore, a Zapnito network can reduce the risk around your event by giving you far greater audience understanding than is possible when your event is just a point in time and therefore making it much more likely that you will retain that audience year on year.

Contact us to explore how Zapnito can enhance your event or to discuss event-related promotions for your Zapnito site.

In part 2: how to use Zapnito before your event...