Embracing inbound marketing grows business revenue

Last Wednesday, Zapnito attended Grow with HubSpot, a full-day event in London, UK, focused on the benefits of inbound content marketing to grow revenue. Key speakers included Kipp Bodnar (Marketing Manager, HubSpot), Brian Halligan (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, HubSpot) and Jason Miller (Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn). Here are some of our top takeaways from the day.
Embracing inbound marketing grows business revenue
  1. In our current online climate - saturated with adblockers and clickbait - trust and brand are more important than ever. In the words of Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “trust is the glue of life… it’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships”. HubSpot’s Marketing Manager, Kipp Bodnar, pointed out that 84% of the online audience aged 25 - 30 have left their favourite website due to advertising, illustrating increasing dissatisfaction with content that provides little value, that can’t be trusted. At Zapnito, we recognise that consumers demand reliable content from trusted brands and individuals. Enabling companies and people to provide such content is what we are all about.
  2. The old marketing playbook is broken. With 95% of consumers skipping ads and 53% of direct mail going unopened, traditional ways of attracting customers are rapidly falling out of favour. Marketers must find new solutions to drive business growth; central to this will be content marketing…
  3. Content marketing generates 3 x more leads but costs 62% less than other methods. According to Bodnar, companies save on average £14K per year by investing in inbound content marketing rather than outbound direct campaigns. Understanding this, it is no surprise that several of our customers are using Zapnito as a platform for their content marketing.
  4. High quality, highly-targeted content is key. When it comes to content marketing, focus on being valuable, agile and specific. Rather than mass-producing generic content across broad social channels, know who you are targeting and why. In line with this thinking, the Zapnito platform is designed to enable high-quality content creation by the people that matter, delivered to the people that matter.
  5. Diversify content with video. We couldn’t agree more with Kipp Bodnar’s observation that “video content is exploding” and should be central to any content marketing plan. Recognising this trend, we have integrated video as a core part of the Zapnito platform, enabling users to create instant video with no need for additional software or publishing channels, as well as to run online, recordable video discussions for up to 10 people.

Were you at Grow with HubSpot? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Contact us to find out how Zapnito can enable your content marketing activity.