3-minute expertise share: week ending 6 May 2016

Attracting the right people, rather than everyone, is the future of media... A 3-minute round-up of the expertise and insights that the Zapnito team wants to share with you this week.
3-minute expertise share: week ending 6 May 2016

Unsurprisingly, a provocative piece on Medium entitled ‘Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved’ has caught our attention. Co-founder of digital media company Vox Media Joshua Topolsky unpicks the media industry’s decision to chase high volumes of users above all else and looks ahead to what will matter most in the next age of media - and what media companies can do better. “We’ll have to learn a thousand hard lessons, most of them centered around the idea that if you want to make something really great, you can’t think about making it great for everyone. You have to make it great for someone”. The good news is, according to Topolsky, this marks “an incredible opportunity for smart people in media”, where those businesses who prioritise attracting the right people, rather than everyone, come out on top.

“If you want to make something really great, you can’t think about making it great for everyone. You have to make it great for someone.”

This is core to our approach at Zapnito. Our platform is designed to enable high-quality content-creation by the people that matter, leading to deep audience engagement. We understand that beyond new tech gimmicks of utmost importance to the media companies that use our platform is understanding their customers, recognising they are not “content consumption machines”, and providing them with expertise and insight they truly need.

Elsewhere, in Digiday’s new magazine Pulse, Lucia Moses reports on Neil Vogel, CEO of About.com who say he’s “absolutely petrified” about the ever-growing publishing powers being adopted by social media giant Facebook. Highlighting the lack of transparency offered by Facebook to publishers, including lack of “information about their readers on the platform, such as how much time they’re spending with articles and what sites they visited previously”, the article draws attention to publishers’ insecurity about the platform’s next move.

Here at Zapnito we understand this uncertainty felt by publishers in an age where social media platforms are positioning themselves in the publishing business. Our aim is to disrupt these disruptors and allow companies to reclaim their brand, audience and expertise by showcasing and monetising the expertise that exists behind their content.

“In the platform wars, how well are you armed?” asks Ken Doctor in another Facebook-related article, this time from Harvard’s journalism institution website, NiemanLab. The article asks the reader to think about platforms as ‘fishing places’ for audiences but to then offer these audiences some other services ‘off-platform’. “No publisher’s strategy will be complete without a clear plan to take users out of the platform and bring them to the publisher’s turf for monetization,” Doctor concludes.

Contact us to discuss how Zapnito can help you do just this - to create new products and services to monetize your company’s expertise and reclaim your audience.