3-minute expertise share: week ending 12 August 2016

The value of trust… A 3-minute round-up of the expertise and insights that the Zapnito team wants to share with you this week.
3-minute expertise share: week ending 12 August 2016

“Journalism is nothing without trust, and recent research shows it takes a long time to build but can be broken in an instant,” Josh Stearns warns in First Draft News this week, responding to a recent study by the American Press Institute’s Media Insight Project and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

With trust in media at “dismally low levels”, Stearns seeks to remind journalists of its importance as “the foundation on which journalism is built”. Perhaps most notably, given changing news consumption habits, Stearns draws attention to the report’s conclusion that “people who consume news on social platforms tend to approach that news with significant skepticism”.

At Zapnito we understand the growing importance of trusted content, and it is our mission to make it easier for people to find reliable expertise through our networks. In fact, Zapnito is the only platform developed to enable organisations to share, promote and monetise their expertise.

With hard-won knowledge being lost to the noise of social media, the ability for knowledge providers to demonstrate that they have the expertise that means their content is trustworthy in more crucial than ever. And we offer the platform on which to do just that.

At Zapnito we understand the importance of trust and the need for organisations to reclaim brand and audience through demonstrating their expertise.Contact us to discuss how Zapnito can help you