Zapnito development highlights: Q4 2016

It’s time for our Q4 2016 roadmap update… a summary for our customers and those new to Zapnito on what we’re working on in Q4.
Zapnito development highlights: Q4 2016

Giving you control

A theme in our Q4 releases was giving our customers greater control over their Zapnito sites. Including via...

Comment moderation

Although the ability to check and either approve or block comments before they appear on your Zapnito site has been around for a while, in Q4 we released a new ‘Comments’ administration screen that means that all customers (whether or not they screen comments) can easily see all the comments made on their site. For customers that do moderate their comments, this screen allows them to do this quickly and easily, by listing all the comments awaiting moderation. This new tool comes with a daily reminder email sent to moderators if any comments are awaiting moderation.

Settings pages

We released the first two Settings pages, the first of many that will give Zapnito customers complete control over their Zapnito site without the need to contact Support.

The first page allows customers to edit their site name and description, SEO fields, links to their social media accounts, default hashtags for Twitter sharing, and to integrate with their Bit.Ly account to track content shared via URL. Customers can adjust these fields as needed to help make their Zapnito site discoverable.

The second is for the management of users and groups. This new page gives customers control over which users can do what on their Zapnito sites by quickly and easily adding and removing them from groups in order to grant them (or remove) ‘abilities’.

This group and ability management is critical to how Zapnito works. By deciding who can do what on your site, you can encourage user generated content while maintaining an appropriate level of quality and relevance.

Custom design

We continue to release features that allow our customers to differentiate their Zapnito sites and bring them in line with their brand guidelines. As well as implementing a custom CSS, Zapnito customers can now host a custom landing page (with a live example shown here) and a custom footer. The option for a custom top navbar is in the works for release in December.

Driving registrations

A big focus for us in Q4 (and into Q1 2017) was encouraging users to register to a Zapnito site (and not just consume the expertise if offers without registration). One reason for registration is to access premium content (which you must be signed in to view). We have redesigned the process by which a user gets access to access to premium content, making that totally seamless and emphasising that registration is free.

Targeted messaging

All Zapnito customers also get a licence to the fantastic GoSquared, a platform that provides real-time analytics and a suite of tools for sending targeted email and on-screen messaging to Zapnito users based on those analytics, on the users’ characteristics and behaviour.

We have been working with GoSquared, and customer ‘guinea pigs’ to create targeted email and on-screen messaging campaigns to encourage registrations and engagement on their Zapnito sites. Furthermore, many customers are now using GoSquared’s Chat tool for real-time conversation with their customers on their Zapnito sites.

There is plenty more on our ‘already released’ list, from improvements to video performance in China to work to bring our sites in line with WAGC 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

But there is still more to do before the year is out. Highlights for the rest of Q4 include:

  • New hero image and homepage designs
  • Video publishing UX overhaul
  • New display advertising positions
  • A homepage guided tour, to introduce users to key site features
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages, to further optimise Zapnito sites for mobile

Yes - we will be busy right up until Christmas!

If you are a Zapnito customer, view the full list of what was released in Q4 (and what is still to come) here.

There’s much more on our to-do list for the weeks ahead. Contact us to learn more or request a demo to find out how these and all Zapnito’s features can work for you.