​Zapnito development highlights: Q3 2016

Whether you’re new to Zapnito or one of our valued customers, take a moment to find out about the most important things we’ve been working on in Q3 2016 and what to look out for in Q4…
​Zapnito development highlights: Q3 2016

Making your content work for you

While Zapnito is much more than a Content Management System (CMS), Q3 saw us focus on introducing some valuable new tools to ensure your content works hard for you in attracting an engaged audience:

  • Draft posts to publish later. Line up content and publish it when you know your customers are most likely to pay attention. (Don’t forget to use our analytics partner GoSquared to identify your traffic spikes.)
  • Set the date published date. Particularly useful for getting value from old content. Set the date to the original published date but publish now to ensure your customers give it another look.
  • Automatic Twitter hashtagging. Append all your Twitter shares with the hashtags you know to attract your target audience.
  • Content notification. Opt for your site admins to receive an email each time new content is created, so you don’t miss the best contributions from your network and can upvote them, comment on them and share them to raise their profile.
  • Channel headers. Refine your taxonomy to help users get to the content they most need by adding headers to make your channels easier to navigate.

As ever, we have also made improvements to:

  • Analytics - with several new reports to help you assess and improve audience engagement.
  • Site admin - giving you greater control over your Zapnito site.
  • Performance - making your site faster and more reliable.
  • SEO - ongoing work to make your site the one that is brought to customers’ attention.

If you are a Zapnito customer, view the full list of what was released in Q3 here.

Coming up in Q4

  • Comment moderation 2.0. For those of you that like to approve comments before publication, you will be able to do so in bulk to get your customers’ feedback live on your site more quickly.
  • Seamless sign-up from premium content. Set your best content as ‘premium’ to encourage users to register to view but know that our new registration / sign-in process makes it quick and easy for the customer to get to the content they need.
  • Filter, search and sort on users’ areas of expertise and interest. Our latest work on the user database will provide powerful tools to help users make connections and find the knowledge they need.
  • Video performance improvement. Increased reliability and usability for our video publishing tools. Save drafts and set published dates. Select cover images. Zapnito is a video-first platform and Q4 will see us invest our efforts in making video even more powerful for you.

There’s much more on our to-do list for the weeks ahead. Contact us to learn more or request a demo to find out how these and all Zapnito’s features can work for you.