10 Zapnito communities led by women

To celebrate International Women's Day, we are showcasing 10 incredible online communities with women at the helm.
10 Zapnito communities led by women

It is International Women’s Day, and at Zapnito we’re celebrating the women leading the way in online communities and harnessing the collective intelligence within their industries. Here’s a rundown of 10 Zapnito online communities with women at the helm.

1. Let’s Reset

We spend half of our lives in the workplace - and with many of us being forced to work in isolation for the past year, it has never been more important to place emphasis on the mental wellbeing of our employees. Let’s Reset, founded by entrepreneur and business leader Suki Thompson, is an online community dedicated to changing the conversation surrounding employee wellbeing and taking a people-first approach. 

Suki’s work with Centaur Media, the UK’s largest B2B media publisher, provided her with the skills and platform to create her own initiatives aimed at knowledge sharing and collective intelligence. Organizations can use the Let’s Reset community to find experts who are able to help promote mental health in the workplace, or share their success stories to inspire others looking to make a change in their companies.Let's Reset

2. Outsell

Co-founded and led by CEO, public speaker and writer Anthea Stratigos, Outsell brings together business leaders and executives from the data and information industry with the aim of advancing discovery, justice and commerce around the world. Though Outsell predominantly connected people in person before the pandemic hit, 2020 saw them adapt to the new normal by building an online community and continuing to unite industry experts. Anthea’s leadership and lengthy list of achievements with Outsell is an inspiration to women everywhere.

3. WildHub

Everybody saw their world turned upside down last year to some extent. One industry that really felt the impact of COVID-19 was wildlife conservation, with conservationists left completely unable to do their job as global travel and face-to-face meetings were cancelled overnight. Step forward Thirza Loffeld and her WildHub community, which has already brought together 1500 conservationists online as the battle to protect our ecosystem and the animals occupying it continues. Having spent years working all over the planet as a researcher, Thirza decided to put her knowledge and years of experience with developing community programs to good use and bring experts together from across her industry.WildHub

4. Points of Light

The problems facing global society today are complex and intertwined. At times, it can feel almost impossible to make a difference - but, with the right attitude, each and every one of us can. This philosophy is what defines Points of Light, a community started with the aim of creating a culture of volunteerism on a global scale. With the organization’s management team and board of directors consisting almost entirely of women, we felt it serves as a great example of a women-led community that makes a big difference every day as it mobilizes volunteers in 250 cities worldwide.

5. Marketing Academy

The Marketing Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing talent at every level in marketing, media, advertising and communications. It offers focused, high-level training aimed at developing leadership and other key workplace skills. The Marketing Academy is led by founder and CEO Sherilyn Shackell, who has built the community up and gained high-profile sponsors such as Facebook, KFC  and American Express.Marketing Academy

6. Data Leaders

A platform for the data community, Data Leaders aims to boost efficiency and innovation across a variety of industries. The community is completely vendor-free, meaning ideas can be shared and developed away from the pressures of vested interests and solicitation. At the heart of Data Leaders is Laura Bineviciute, Head of Community and Engagement. Her work has helped to keep the conversation going and turn Data Leaders into a go-to source of expertise within the data community.Data Leaders

7. Laidlaw

The Laidlaw Foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty and inequality by providing paths to success. One of its many programs is the London Business School’s Women’s Movement, which aims to help more women gain their MBAs and produce a new generation of business leaders. The Laidlaw online community even has a specific section dedicated to women in business, where inspiring stories and words of encouragement can be shared. At the heart of this foundation is its CEO, Susanna Kempe, and community manager Nikol Chen. The tireless work of these two individuals has allowed Laidlaw to pave the way in advancing opportunities for women of all backgrounds.

8. B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing provides a vast array of resources for B2B marketers in one place and has become a hotspot for expertise in the community. Having launched their Propolis online community in January, the organization has expanded its aims in order to bring marketing experts together and encourage innovation and collaboration. Propolis is led by Community Manager Shivani Roda, alongsideCustomer Success Manager Katherine Bentley has also helped to put B2B Marketing on the map with her incredible work in developing the organization.


The Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) has been active since 1964. In that time, it has become one of the largest molecular life sciences organizations in all of Europe, amassing over 35,000 members. It is a grassroots organization, helping to provide a voice to the academic community without interference from vendors and commercial interests.

Carolyn Elliss serves as the Communications & Projects Manager for FEBS and has been dedicated to improving the services offered by the organization, helping the FEBS network to massively exceed its targets for growth.FEBS

10. Ellen MacArthur Foundation

At a time when waste and inefficiency are wreaking havoc on our world and worsening the inequality in society, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has brought people together with the aim of creating a circular economy. Their recently-launched community allows users to share their own tips and success stories, speeding up innovation and helping to reduce waste in our economic system wherever possible.

Business Experience Manager Kimberley Heath has been with the EMF since 2015, moving up in the organization to become Community Manager for the CE100’s online platform with a focus on community engagement. Her work has been vital in advancing the profile and outreach of the foundation, allowing it to bring more people together and achieve their goals at a faster rate.

The names here offer a snapshot of the vital work being carried out by women all over the world in advancing collective intelligence and making their industries better. This International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the women making a difference and empowering others to do the same. 


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Only saw this now - thank you for the mention, and congrats to all the other females mentioned!