Stripe Payments in Zapnito

Learn how to create and add a Stripe payment button to your Zapnito community.

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These slides provide a walkthrough on how to set up and create a checkout button for premium paid-for content on your Zapnito community via Stripe. 

The key sections of this guide are:

1. Activate your Stripe Checkout account

2. Create products and Prices

3. Redirect to Checkout

4. Confirm the payment is successful

5. Test your integration

6. Optional step: Customise your Checkout button.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at 

Maria Teodora Traistaru

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito

I am a creative, open-minded and sociable person, with a focus on maintaining customer relationships and supporting them at all times. Having a vast experience as a Customer Success Executive and a Data analyst in multiple industries, I am more than happy to help with any inquiries, so please feel free to reach out!