GoSquared - Zapnito Solution

Our partnership with Zapnito is unique. Here is how we work and how we work with Zapnito as an enterprise platform.

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GoSquared offers real-time user-level analytics for sites and apps. With people analytics, powerful filtering, events and ecommerce tracking, it puts all your user-level data in one place. Our mission is to give teams easier access to information on their visitors, users and customers so that they can build personal and meaningful relationships with them. On G2 Crowd, GoSquared has 4.7/5 stars and was recognised as a Top Performer in their Best Digital Analytics buyers guide.


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almost 2 years ago

For those in the community – the GoSquared team are always happy to discuss any of your GoSquared needs on Zapnito!

We love hearing from you all, and we hope this latest presentation is helpful for you to understand the growing suite of products you have at your disposal for understanding and engaging with your audiences.