ALPSP - Innovate or Perish - Startup tools and approaches to managing chaos

Startups are generally considered to be more agile than big corporations but how do you stop agility morphing into chaos? The CTO and CPO of SaaS start-up Zapnito reveal the (cheap and cheerful) tools they rely on to run their startup; they share what they have experienced in transitioning from life at a large corporation to the work of a startup, and share their tips for bringing a bit of startup agility to large corporations.

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Jon Beer

CTO and Co-founder, Zapnito

A technical leader and hands-on CTO with 19 years' experience implementing web technologies. I lead the technical delivery of the Zapnito platform, ensuring a scalable multi-tenant architecture, disruption-free daily release cycles and a highly effective development team that delivers platform enhancements for our customers. Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements for this or any Zapnito network or to share your feedback at any time.