Zapier Workflow Automation

This short course provides an overview of common integrations between Zapier and Zapnito.

4 Modules


Learn what Zapier is, what it can do for your Zapnito community, and how you can successfully automate your workflows.

2 items

How to Proceed: Course Prerequisites

Learn what you will need to make the most out of your Zapnito community with Zapier.

Additional Tutorials

Learn more from Zapier itself.

What you'll learn

  • Refine your understanding of Zapier
  • Configure Zapier triggers
  • Configure Zapier actions
  • Automate user group permissions
  • Accept Stripe payments

The Instructors

Jon Beer

CTO and Co-founder, Zapnito

Georgina Sánchez Moles

Customer Success Executive, Zapnito Ltd.