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Community Site Build

This short course will help you prepare your Zapnito site for launch. When you tick off each module, you'll be ready to go!

Workflow Automation

This short course provides an overview of common integrations between Zapier, Stripe, GoSquared and Zapnito.

Getting ready for community launch

This course will go through the different steps to help you get ready for the launch of your community

Growing your community (post launch)

This is the first part of our community engagement series looking at what engagement actually is, who does it and how to grow it on your community.

Zapnito platform training (Customer exclusive)

This course has the following learning objectives:

  • Setting up your homepage
  • MyNetwork - how it works
  • Creating different types of content in your community
  • Using the video panels and the Direct Conversation features
  • Structuring your platform
  • Setting up your badges
  • Setting up your member directories
  • Setting up your Q&A page
  • Navigating Users and Groups back-end pages
  • Using your Analytics page

GoSquared Training (Customer Exclusive)

This course has the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding the Analytics page and the main difference between the "Now" and the "Trends" pages;
  • Understanding how the Contacts page works and how to add filters and set up Smart Groups;
  • Engage: the difference and the set-up for the Prompts, Broadcasts, Automated Messages, Sequences and Automated emails.